Violet & Ella

No one who knows me even a little bit will be shocked to hear that my favorite photography subjects are my twin nieces and goddaughters, Violet & Ella. They are a good part of the reason I even started down this photography path, which I explain in detail in their Newborn Photos post. Ella and Violet are my little angels and I adore them so much. They are some of my best little friends and I feel so fortunate to get to be a part of their lives.

You can see my photography journey if you start by looking at their newborn photos, where I was a relative newbie, and follow them throughout their lives. I hope this trend continues for many, many years to come! We always try to get in one big themed photoshoot around their birthdays. It can be a lot of work, but these photos are something I know we will look back upon with joy for the rest of our lives.

Ella was just not having it on this photoshoot. I always look back at this and see a disgruntled fairy with a “drink.
Violet is a wild child and nothing exemplifies that more than this image where she is giving me all the attitude.
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