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California 2020 – An Epic First Anniversary Trip

In the end, this turned out to be a much larger, more expensive vacation than we had planned. We ended up eating at many incredible restaurants, bought plenty of souvenirs, and enjoyed our vacation to the fullest. Little did we know what challenges would await us later in 2020. I am so glad we went all out because looking back on this trip was a bright spot as we trudged our way through the rest of the year.

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That One Time We Dragged a Rock Around Disney World

This story starts several months before our trip to Disney World. Our beautiful city of Colorado Springs was particularly taken with the trend of rock painting in the summer of 2018. Adam and I loved finding these painted rocks along our bike route and re-hiding them for other people to find. Also along our bike route was a super cute “fairy door” in a neighbor’s front yard – a place where you could take a rock if you left a rock. One day, we switched out a sunset rock for a Minnie Mouse rock. It was pretty adorable, painted by someone we clearly had a lot in common with.

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From Colorado to Orlando: Finding Disney World

A good part of our early relationship was spent bonding over a mutual love for Disney. We both had other separate interests, but Disney seemed to be the topic we could like together. We were both more casual Disney fans when we met, but with us feeding off of each other, it quickly grew into more than that. We had decided on Disney World as our primary honeymoon location way before we ever got engaged.

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