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Galaxy’s Edge

About 2 minutes after we got off Rise of the Resistance, I booked myself an appointment to make a droid and Adam an appointment to build a Lightsaber. We were literally like, “Take all of our money, Disney!” They had invested so much into Rise of the Resistance, that we were willing to invest even more into Galaxy’s Edge. And boy was it worth it! We had such a blast that day and made a lot of special memories.

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Review of Rise of the Resistance

We have no pictures of us anywhere near Rise of the Resistance because from the moment we walked into the queue, we were fully immersed. It is easily the best queue, the best ride, the best… everything we have ever experienced at a theme park. It is almost impossible to explain some of what makes this ride so special – you have to be able to feel how the trackless vehicles move in order to fully understand… there is just something about experiencing it all. But I will do my best to do this ride justice.

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Review of Smuggler’s Run

Piloting the Millennium Falcon was easily the superior experience, even if it was stressful learning to fly a spaceship on the spot! One pilot controlled whether the Falcon went up or down, and the other pilot controlled if it went left or right. As a pilot, the simulator screen is right in front of you as you sore through the sky. The tension is crazy as you try to keep the ship afloat. You can crash the ship, so you actually need to try to fly it so you don’t ruin it for the other passengers.

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