CameraMandi’s Portfolio

I went to college (2006-2010) for Digital Film & Video Production. The only formal training I have had in the realm of photography was one digital photography class during that time. Having been at the same job for 10 years, my first job out of college, I have had the fortune, flexibility, and encouragement to grow my skill set in many different avenues beyond anything I could have believed.

I run the multi-media department for a small advertising agency. My departments are video, audio, and photo. I have had the benefit of bosses who truly believed in me and invested in me, and I have been able to produce some incredible media. I have an entire professional portfolio that I will leave off this page (aside from Gooey Cube, which is something that takes a lot of work and personal time), so here are some of the projects I have been grateful to work on with my friends and family. I don’t generally get paid to do side photography – it is something that I do simply to create. That is why you will see a lot of costumes.

I have had to take photos for work since back in 2010, but it was only around late 2017 when I started taking the camera off the “Auto” button and learning what it meant to shoot manual. There was a huge learning curve, but it is exciting to see the improvement with every photoshoot. I still sometimes struggle to hit the right focus or find the right color balance, I’m still constantly learning and trying new things, but I am also very confident behind the camera now and don’t feel scared going into new shoots and situations.

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