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We are Mandi and Adam from Colorado. Welcome to our tiny corner of the internet! This is a personal space for us to write about our vacations, adventures, and lifestyle. We wanted a living document of our experiences so we can look back when we are older and read about what we’ve done with our lives. We have photo albums, but there is just so much more space on the internet. Mandi does most of the writing, with Adam occasionally chipping in.

A Match.com Success Story

They say a photo is worth a thousand words and, fortunately, we have thousands of photos. The slideshow above, which played during our wedding, encompasses a lot of who we are as a couple – fun and adventurous, with a touch of whimsy. After several missed connections throughout our lives, we finally met at a local ice cream shop in our beautiful city of Colorado Springs in April 2017. Mandi was looking for a “hot geek” to date and Adam happily obliged. Together, we have made many wonderful memories and some questionable talking unicorn sheep.

If you are wondering about the name of our website, DINKyouverymuch, it is a reference to our choice to live a child-free life. DINK = Dual Income, No Kids. We love our nieces and nephews, and our friends’ precious little ones, but have made the decision not to have children ourselves. We wanted a place to show how fulfilling our life and love is. We were sitting on a bench waiting for a shuttle at Disney World when the idea for this website cropped up. We hope you enjoy this glimpse into our lives!

Adam and Mandi circa 2005. We didn’t even know each other, but we were clearly meant to be.

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