Cakes by Allie

A while ago I posted a photoshoot I did for a co-worker’s graduation. I found out shortly afterward that Allie actually runs a local cake business on the weekends called Cakes by Allie. The twins had been going through a huge unicorn phase and their birthday was right around the corner. I could not have been more excited when Allie agreed to make them twin unicorn cakes.

I absolutely LOVE dessert shows like The Great British Bake Off, Cupcake Wars, The Ace of Cakes, and Cake Boss. Getting these cakes was a total dream come true. Violet loves chocolate cake and the color purple. Ella loves vanilla cakes and the color green. Allie could not have done a better job on these cakes!

The twins were SO excited. I mean, just look at these faces!

The cakes were absolutely adorable. And the backs of these cakes are absolutely beautiful too! Allie could not have done a better job capturing what the girls wanted. The frosting was just as tasty as it was beautiful!

Enjoy these pictures of us enjoying these wonderful cakes. They tasted DELICIOUS. I really cannot recommend Cakes by Allie highly enough. She has a variety of beautiful, interesting cakes and is always up to a challenge.

Find her on Facebook here: Cakes by Allie

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