It is my absolute pleasure to take pictures of the people that I love, especially when the photoshoot is meaningful. My absolutely wonderful sister, Becki, went through a lot in the last few years and these picture were taken as a way to put a period at the end of that sentence.

We went to the same location that Adam and I shot our fairy photos for this shoot. It was in November, so everything looked so different. Instead of green fields and trees full of leaves, we had lots of brown. It was still beautiful and a great spot for photos.

Becki was so stunning and absolutely rocked her dress. She was willing to try all sorts of different poses and expressions. She wanted a variety of shots to show the many different sides of herself.

Becki climbed into trees, frolicked around the forest, and was a great sport throughout the whole shoot.

She even laid on the forest floor for this shot of her displaying a very meaningful tattoo.

I absolutely love the feel of these photos.

The sun set during our shoot and I was able to snap some pictures with the last dregs of sunlight.

We barely had enough light, but did manage to get this last shot with the moon.

Before the sun went completely down and Becki put on her dress, we snapped a few photos in a normal outfit.

I absolutely adore my sister. She is beautiful and has such a kind spirit. Taking her pictures was an absolutely pleasure and I am so grateful we had the opportunity to do this.

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