Tea Time

You may recognize these little tutus the girls are wearing from their 2 year old photoshoot and also as the dresses the wore as flower girls for my wedding. The dresses still BARELY fit… but they do still fit! And I wanted to fit in one last photoshoot before they completely grew out of them. The girls were at my house one day just playing around. They started getting into the dress up stuff and next thing I new they told me they wanted to do a tea party.

My heart basically exploded out of my chest. This has been my dream since I became an aunt! I LOVE tea parties! My sister rolled her eyes as I got them dolled up and started making the tea. The only camera I had on hand was my little Rebel T6. I didn’t even have lights but we were going to make this happen!

For a totally impromptu photoshoot with my cheap little DSLR and only natural lighting, I could not be happier with how this turned out! Violet couldn’t help from being a little goofy during the shoot and her personality just shines through in these photos.

And Ella insists she LOVED the tea (even though she didn’t drink any of it). I just can’t get over how adorable she looks in the flower crown with her pearls.

These girls are growing up so fast! They are four in these pictures. It’s so fun having the privilege of watching them grow.

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