Sprinkles Jr.

My mom drives a red convertible around town with a giraffe hanging out in the back seat. The giraffe’s name is Sprinkles and he’s a local celebrity. She’s even been interviewed by the new’s station. She does it to make people smile and to fight any depressing thoughts she has. My mom will even drive with the giraffe on nice days in the winter. She’s done this for years and I absolutely love her for it.

The twin’s fourth birthday was rolling around and Ella kept asking me for a car. At first I shrugged it off, but she kept asking. Adam and I started talking about it and a Powerwheels (or something similar) was something both us had always wanted as a kid. I started searching around to see if this was even remotely in the budget and found this 2-seater convertible for a very reasonable prize on Amazon. You already know we bought it for Ella and Violet, lol.

We even completed it with a little stuffed giraffe named Sprinkles Jr.

Getting to watch the girls drive this for the first time, and then getting to later watch my nephew join in the fun, was such a blast. This was a great deal and something we would definitely do again. Enjoy these pictures of the girls enjoying their car. I am hoping to do a full-scale photoshoot when the weather gets nice again in 2022.

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