Among the Blossoms

All around Colorado Springs you can see beautiful blossoms on crabapple trees (I am assuming that is what they are – correct me if I am wrong). Adam and I happened to be driving around last weekend, on Saturday, May 8th, and I couldn’t help but be blown away by how gorgeous these trees are right now. Adam and I drove around for a while, following where I was seeing large patches of these trees, looking for just the right spot to stage a photoshoot. Finally, I found a perfect, quiet little side street with loads of these blossom trees lining it.

Dori had gotten her hair dyed teal about a month ago, and it had been on my mind that doing a photoshoot would be really fun. I’ve been a bit busy with photoshoots lately, plus some other side projects, so I wasn’t sure the shoot was going to happen any time soon, though. But it struck me how beautiful it would look with the pink blossoms and Dori’s teal hair. I took pictures of the trees and sent them to Dori and it was settled that this was going to have to happen one way or another.

We just had to find a date that worked with the weather! We didn’t want to miss the blossoms, but it SNOWED on Monday and Tuesday – like heavy snow. I couldn’t believe it! But on Thursday, the weather looked perfect and all the snow had cleared up. We live in such a weird state. I was so pleased to find the snow had not damaged the blossoms and that everything on my little side street still looked perfect.

Dori had just picked up this perfect blue dress from Torrid and I think it was the absolute perfect complement to her hair and contrast to the pink flowers. I absolutely adore how these photos turned out, plus Dori and I had so much fun taking the pictures. It was a great way to kick off a season of taking pictures!

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