The Artist Known as FishWithATopHat

I am fortunate to live in a world with very interesting friends, one of them being an excellent artist. J. L. Barnes told me she was going to be featured in Shoutout Colorado and needed some photos for the piece. I had been wanting to do a photoshoot with her for quite some time and jumped at the opportunity!

Here are some of my absolute favorite photos from the shoot.

We had so much fun running around this area capturing these. Jess was such a trooper, even willing to climb up a tree and sit there for a while as the sun set so we could capture a perfect sky behind her. This was the same location I had used for Mackenzie’s Garden of the Gods Dreamland gallery, which was shot at the height of summer. It was incredible how different the area looked in that weird space between winter and spring. Jess does a lot of fantasy and horror art, so this aesthetic actually suited her style quite well. Plus, she absolutely popped in that awesome red coat.

You can find Jess at the links below, including her awesome article in Shoutout Colorado!

Shoutout Colorado:


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