A Forest Fairy Tale

Tonight, I had a major accomplishment! I finished editing a photoshoot we did back in 2019! There have been some setbacks to me finishing these photos, plus just regular, old busy life, but I was clearing off my computer today and came across the project file. Suddenly, I found the motivation again and set to work finishing what I had started almost two years ago!

Adam and I had planned this whole epic fairy tale shoot so I would get the opportunity to wear my wedding dress again before it went into long-term storage. I had debated cutting my hair off before the wedding, but my mom and bridesmaids convinced me to keep it long. I am really glad I did because I adore the long braid I ended up wearing for our big day, but this was an excellent opportunity for me to get a glimpse of what I would have looked like on our wedding day with short, blue hair.

We hired a photographer, Mandy Penn, to take the pictures and worked out a deal so we co-owned the rights to the photos. This way, I would be able to do my own edit on them. She did such a marvelous job capturing my vision! I am absolutely in love with these photos and thank her so much for working with me!

Photo by Mandy Penn. Editing by Mandi McNabb.

Adam bought this incredible suit for only $30 from a local store called The Men’s Xchange, where they sell gently used suits for extremely reasonable prices. Buying the suit from this store was a wonderful experience. The gentleman who owns The Men’s Xchange has wonderful customer service and really took his time to make sure Adam had exactly what he came there for.

Hannah Wilfong, the most amazing hair and make-up artist in Colorado Springs, did my hair and make-up for the shoot. We spent the whole afternoon together and made this little video that showed my transformation.

I was just finishing up with Hannah when we looked outside and the weather had changed. Clouds were rolling in faster than predicted and it looked like it was about to rain on our parade! I had just spent a pretty penny on my hair and makeup, so I called Mandy and asked if she was still up for it. Thank goodness she was! This was a very rainy photoshoot – as you get further in, we are completely soaked. But Mandy was a real trooper and the photos turned out so beautifully!

Laying down in the soaking wet field for this stunning top-down shot.

When I think about this photoshoot, I remember the rain fondly. It’s not something that ruined my vision, but something that surprisingly enhanced it. I am in love with these photos and am so grateful for everything, and everyone, who helped this come together.

We had so much fun running around this location, soaking wet. My wedding dress was trashed (though the dry cleaners did something magical when they cleaned it).

I never want to forget this moment where Adam tried dipping me and instead completely dropped me into the soaking wet field! My face says it all, “IS HE REALLY DROPPING ME?!”

Adam eventually got the dip right and the photos we received were totally worth it!

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