Bad Owl Coffee – A Definitely Not Harry Potter-Themed Cafe in Vegas

Way back in 2016, the internet was very excited about a Harry Potter-themed cafe opening in Nevada near Vegas. It just so happened I was going to be in Vegas around the time it opened for a book convention. I managed to hitch a ride with a fellow Potter-loving fan and went to Bad Owl Coffee, where we were delighted with the delicious food and whimsical decor.

By the way, that was my 16th ever Instagram post, lol.

Anyway, Adam and I decided to take another trek out to Henderson over 3 years later to check out Bad Owl Coffee again. We took an Uber out to Henderson on our way to the airport… despite it being the opposite direction form the airport. It does appear that in the last year, Bad Owl has added another location in downtown Vegas, which is very welcome!

We arrived to find it mostly the same, except that it was no longer tagged as a Harry Potter cafe, given the copyright infringement. Instead, it was just wizardly, magical, and delicious!

The atmosphere is so much fun to spend time in! We used to have a place in Colorado Springs called Java Punk that we hung out at often. That was a steampunk cafe with a unique look, as well.

But the gimmick is only fun until you actually try the food and coffee… and then it gets even better because this place is SO DELICIOUS! I can’t rave enough about how good our breakfast was. We got something sweet and something savory and both were phenomenal.

If you are ever in Vegas, I would definitely recommend grabbing the Uber to check out this spectacular, fun, inventive coffee shop. You will have plenty of photo opportunities, plus the food is to die for! It was the perfect way to wrap up such a fun trip! We were so glad we made the stop here and would definitely do it again, though this next trip I will definitely be trying their downtown location to let you know if it is just as good!

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