Best Breakfast Bagel

Adam had a school project where he had to make a little webpage for one of his favorite recipes. We make this delicious Breakfast Bagel a couple times a month and absolutely love it. I had just picked up some new camera lenses, so we did a whole little food photoshoot for the Best Breakfast Bagel and Adam wrote this recipe.

Breakfast is the staple meal of the day. Getting the right start sets the tempo for the rest of the day. This hearty sandwich is just what the hungry person needs first thing in the morning!

Ingredient List

Hash Browns
Deli Cut Meat
Hot Sauce (optional)


Start by starting to cook the hash browns. Pour a drizzle of cooking oil into a hot pan, then carefully add hash browns. Reduce heat to medium-high.

Once the hash browns are brown on the first side flip them and start cooking the eggs. Recommended styles are either over easy or scrambled.

With the eggs started, toast the Bagel.

The hash browns, bagel, and eggs should finish about the same time. When all elements are finished, assemble the sandwich.

Place cheese on bottom layer of the bagel, add eggs, then hash browns then deli-meat. Top with onion, salt, pepper, and hot sauce to taste.


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