Tiffany Glows

If you can believe it, these are only our warm up maternity photos! Tiffany and I have been planning a trip to the Sand Dunes for her maternity photos since before she was pregnant! She picked this gorgeous gown off and it was cheap enough that she decided to order it in a few weeks early just to make sure it would fit for our Sand Dunes photoshoot. I went over her house and saw the dress and was absolutely inspired! I casually asked, “Why don’t you just pop by tomorrow and we’ll do a test photoshoot?”

I set up a little studio in my living room with a black backdrop and just used two off camera speedlights and a constant light to create the moody lighting. This is not normally the type of photos I shoot – I love even light and bright colors – but Tiffany was totally sweet as I figured it all out. We took over a hundred pictures, but these were a beast to edit due to the black background, so we picked the best six and made them as perfect as possible.

I am so in love with these photos (and my gorgeous best friend)! I think I would try this style again, but do something a little different with the background to make them easier to edit. Still, for a photoshoot that we came up 24 hours before, I really couldn’t be happier with how this all turned out!

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