We Booked Our Next Trip to Disney World with Dreams Unlimited Travel!

This week was already a little crazy because I had a large Livestreaming event to prepare for, but we somehow snuck in the time to contact Dreams Unlimited Travel, starting the process of planning our January 2022 vacation. We weren’t even intending to book it yet, but once we started thinking about, we got super excited and jumped when we found a quote and hotel we liked. It helped that in order to book, we only had to put $200 down and pay the travel insurance. That guaranteed the price of the resort and tickets (although discounts can still be applied later if they pop up) and frees us up for planning the other fun parts of the trip – our dining plans and schedules.

We have never worked with a travel agent before and so far the process has been great! Stacey with Dreams Unlimited answered my many, many questions and emails very quickly and thoroughly. It was great to have someone to bounce ideas off of and who could pull quotes for us. Using a travel agent for Disney is free for the consumer – they get paid commissions through Disney. Dreams Unlimited Travel says that if an agent is charging you money to book with Disney, run the other direction. Not only are you helping someone earn a living, but you have an advocate on your side who knows the Disney property well and is informed on Disney deals and discounts. Stacey will be watching over the next 9 months to see if any deals pop up that can apply to my reservation.

We follow a podcast on YouTube called The Dis Unplugged, which is sponsored by Dreams Unlimited Travel. When all the craziness with the virus happened and the parks were shutting down, we were able to see the value of booking with an agent. They were on the phones cancelling and postponing the trips for their customers. Sometimes they had to wait on the phones for hours. I’m not even sure they ended up getting commissions for the trips that had to be cancelled due to the virus, but you could really tell these agents were going above and beyond to help people out.

Dreams Unlimited Travel also has a YouTube page with lots of helpful videos about working with Travel Agents and how to get the best vacation for your budget. Consider using them, or another travel agent, for your next trip!

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