California 2020 Wrap-Up

Whew! That was a hell of a trip!

To Recap:

Writing this post with the perspective of over a year between when this photo of us smiling on an airplane was taken and this moment where I am sitting at my dining room table is surreal. So much has happened in the world since we went on this trip – we could not take this picture today even if we were willing to fly. Our smiles would be hidden behind a Mickey Mouse mask. And yet Adam and I still have each other… and we still have these mugs.

The 3 Mugs We Added to Our Collection from this Trip

I never thought I would need so many mugs, but I like to get them as souvenirs since they are something actually useful. Turns out, working from home full-time, you end up needing a lot of mugs. Interestingly, the Disneyland 2020 mug has been my go-to. I grab it as soon as it is out of the dishwasher and I enjoy sipping it throughout my work day. It’s a nice reminder of the world outside our quarantine bubble and that 2020 had its bright moments too.

We are planning our next Disney World vacation for January 2022. It was just announced that Disneyland is on the verge or reopening, and we would love to squeeze in another trip there, too. It feels like we might be getting back to some kind of normal. I guess we’ll see…

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