Love is An Open Door: Our 2018 Disneyland Trip

This music video, shot mostly in Disneyland, to “Love is an Open Door” from Frozen, played during our wedding reception. Adam and I sang karaoke while it played behind us. It is easily one of our favorite moments of our wedding and this video is an incredible memory of our engagement.

Back in September 2018, five months before our wedding and Honeymoon to Disney World, Adam and I took a short, whirlwind vacation to California. The trip was planned around a Lindsey Stirling concert. She was doing a limited, co-headlined tour with Evanescence. They wouldn’t be stopping in Colorado, but they were headed to Irvine, CA, which is where my uncle happens to live.

We planned a five day trip out there, packed with fun stuff. Not only did we have the concert (which was a 10/10), but we got all jazzed up and headed over to LA for a spectacular evening at The Magic Castle. There was also lots of hanging around with our pal, Duke (my uncle’s dog) and just enjoying some California sunshine. The trip concluded with two days at Disneyland.

Just prior to this trip, I had discovered Disneybounding online – which is where you color-block regular clothes to represent Disney characters. I was all over this trend, so had done a bunch of shopping prior to our trip. Our first Disneybound was as Cruella and a Dalmatian. We walked into the park and the first character we saw was Cruella! It was pure Disney magic! The rest of the day was just as wonderful.

My favorite memory from the day was Adam wanting to go on Splash Mountain just before the park closed. He hadn’t been brave enough to do it before, so he got very determined to do it on this trip. I think the look on his face in the Splash Mountain picture says it all! Check it out below.

The second day we Disneybounded as Belle and the Beast. This was also the day that we shot out Love is an Open Door music video, posted above. About the middle of that video, when we are standing in A Bug’s Life, you can tell just how exhausted we are. Shooting the video with our tiny-handheld camcorder was a fun experience, and something we will treasure forever, but it was also a lot of work! With running around both parks, finding different backgrounds and making sure we got all the lines from the song, we were exhausted.

Come lunchtime, we were excited to leave the camcorder in the car and just enjoy the rest of the day. Speaking of lunchtime and cars… we were on a budget for this trip since we were paying for our wedding. We packed a cooler of sandwich supplies in the car both days and left the park to go have lunch (and short naps) in the back of the car, lol. With the air conditioning on, it gave us a chance to cool off and it also gave us the little boost we needed to get through the rest of our Disney-packed days.

Adam couldn’t remember the last time he had been to Disneyland, so it was so much fun to take him around the park and show him my favorite spots. We were also going to be in Disney World in five-months time, so it was like warm-up for that and it definitely made us so excited for what awaited us in Florida. This was our first Disney trip as a couple and it definitely set the stage for a lifetime of Disney memories.

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