2 Years of DINKyouverymuch – A Look Back at How It Started

I just received a notification from GoDaddy that DINKyouverymuch.com is about to renew tomorrow and it brought back a flurry of memories of how we started this blog. We were sitting at the shuttle stop on the last day of our Disney World vacation, waiting for the bus that would take us from the Caribbean Beach Resort to Animal Kingdom. We were talking over all of our experiences we had just had – which park we liked most, which restaurants were the best, if we would ever stay at Caribbean Beach Resort again.

We also talked about how fortunate we were that we got to go on our dream honeymoon. We were both 30 when we got married, so our wedding registry had been a Honeyfund instead of the usual household items found on those lists.

Dear Beloved Friends and Family,

One of the fun parts about getting married at thirty years old is that we are already blessed with a wonderful home that is fully stocked with belongings we’ve collected along the way. We even have a fondue pot!

Honeyfund is a way to register for “experiences” rather than “things.” Our dream honeymoon is waiting for us in Orlando – the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Cape Canaveral, and most importantly… WALT DISNEY WORLD! We’ve ordered our wish list to walked you through our magical adventure as we hope to experience it.

Truly, your presence at our wedding is the greatest gift you could give, so please do not feel any obligation. We cannot wait to celebrate our relationship with the people who love us on January 29th.

Thank you for all you have done in our lives!

Adam & Mandi

P.S. If you ever feel like fondue, you know who to call. 🙂

The actual Honeyfund list included both practical needs like food and lodging to more whimsical experiences like caricatures and a treat from Honeydukes. I can’t tell you how much we appreciated every little experience that was gifted to us. And as we sat at the shuttle station waiting for the bus, we both felt that we wanted a way to commemorate our experiences – not just so we could share them with our family and friends, but so that we could remember them for ourselves.

DINK You Very Much was a term we had started using when we would go out on date nights. DINK is a commonly used acronym for Dual Income No Kids, which is how we have always planned on spending our lives. (Just to be clear – we love and adore children, just don’t want any ourselves.) As soon as we came up with the idea for our own little corner of the internet, I hopped onto GoDaddy right there in the shuttle station to see if the web domain was available. It was! I snapped it up right there… and then promptly did nothing with it for like 4 months. LOL!

The idea is always easier than the execution!

There is an endless amount of people who blog/vlog about the Disney theme parks and we watch and read many of them. I don’t know that we have anything to add, really. We just love our vacations and adventures and getting to write about them lets us extend the magic. Writing this post in 2021, when it has been a year since we have gone on a vacation and Disneyland has been closed since March 2020, I can’t help but smile. Our memories are precious. Even though I am still writing about our honeymoon 2 years later, so I don’t remember everything to perfection, I do feel like I am right back at the shuttle stop talking with Adam about all the things we loved about Disney World.

Anyway, we finished our perfect honeymoon and went back to living our lives. We custom made Thank You cards for our family and friends with some of our favorite pictures from the trip to show how much we appreciated their generosity. Even though it took me a while to get it started, DINKyouverymuch lingered in the back of my mind. I am so glad it was here waiting for me as we trudged our way through 2020. It has been a delight to revisit Disney World in this way.

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