Day 2 – Best Day EVER

Can you tell we are in good moods?

This was my favorite day I have ever had at Disneyland. There was so much packed into it, and yet we were still able to relax a little and take in some of the smaller, simpler things that make Disney so special. It started off with a bang when we managed to get Boarding Group 11 for Rise of the Resistance. There was A LOT of Star Wars happening throughout Day 2 and that is definitely what made part of this day so awesome! But it’s not everything, so I am going to put all of the Galaxy’s Edge stuff in a different post and make this about the rest of the things that made the day so fun.

We had woken up pretty early to try to get a Boarding Group, so it did start the day out in the best way possible when we managed to not only get a Boarding Group, but get Group 11. That meant we wouldn’t be waiting the entire day to get on Rise of the Resistance. We did have a little time to kill before we would be called over and that is when we had another great stroke of luck! We went to The Red Rose Tavern for breakfast and all of it was delicious – including the Grey Stuff! Back on our honeymoon, we had tried the Grey Stuff from Disney World and were left unimpressed, so we didn’t exactly have high hopes for the Grey Stuff here. But Disneyland surprised us! Their recipe was much tastier, in our opinions. It was a delight and another little fun boost to start our day.

One of our goals this trip was to enjoy the atmosphere Disney spends so much time, money, and effort curating. Disneyland can easily be a 1 or 2 day trip, but we decided to extend it into 3 so we wouldn’t feel the need to rush around and just hit the big attractions. We wanted to enjoy the sidewalk entertainment, take in the shows, and ride the Disneyland Railroad (which is actually quite entertaining in itself and a good way to get off your feet for a solid half-hour). We actually went into Toone Town and rode Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin.

Neither Adam or I had ever taken the time to go see Mickey and the Magical Map and what a fun surprise that was! I had always seen the amphitheater and just walked by it. But this time, we were really making an effort to find things we hadn’t done before and enjoy them! The show was AWESOME and actually featured a bunch of Disney princesses I hadn’t expected. It was a joy to watch them all on stage together.

On top of everything else, we had an excellent experience with a Photopass photographer who really took his time with us and gave us some of our favorite pictures of the entire trip. I am kicking myself for not remembering the cast member’s name, but it was such a blast. He even had us do “Yoda Ears.” Who thinks of stuff like that?! The cast members at Disneyland and Disney World really bring the magic to life.

For dinner, we ate at the Blue Bayou, which was a bucket list item for Adam. They had the most delicious, mouth-watering bread and the ambience was so peaceful and serene. It is so amazing that a place like that is tucked away in a frenetic place like Disneyland.

If we got tired, we sat. We didn’t have to worry that we wouldn’t get to do everything we wanted. In fact, we got to ride our favorite rides 3 or 4 times each. We both love Disney and can appreciate the small things that make it special. We often appreciate these things through YouTube videos and vlogs, but it was a joy to take the time to notice what those things are for ourselves. Now… about Galaxy’s Edge…

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