Honeymoon 2019 Wrap-Up

I remember that I was actually excited to go home. We had the perfect honeymoon, but we were ready to go back and start living our normal lives. That’s pretty special… when you want to come home from vacation.

That’s not to say that our honeymoon wasn’t everything we could have possibly hoped for! We had a BLAST! It was the perfect way to start our lives together.

To Recap:

Wow. We have finally caught up on our Honeymoon posts! It took a couple years to really get this blog going, but I am so glad that we came up with the idea while sitting at that shuttle stop in Disney World. It has been so much fun reliving all of these memories and I hope we enjoy these blog posts throughout our lives.

We came to Orlando with two big suitcases and had packed two extra bags just in case we had souvenirs. Well, we went home with two very packed suitcases full of dirty laundry and two stuffed bags full of presents for our nieces, nephews, friends, family, and few things for us to remind us of what an amazing adventure we had just had. I don’t remember much about the flight home, but I do remember the feeling of arriving home – happy.

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