Mackenzie’s Garden of the Gods Dreamland

This whole shoot was a total dream. First off, Mackenzie is one of my dearest friends in the whole world, so as soon as I found out she was pregnant, I called dibs on her maternity shoot. I found out she was going to have a baby at the beginning of 2020, and unfortunately I didn’t get to see Mackenzie much during her pregnancy because Adam and I were in pretty heavy isolation during those first months of the pandemic. Mackenzie has an incredible story when it comes to little Josiah, and I feel so honored that I got to capture these very special pictures for her.

We were SO fortunate with timing, since he came less than a week after this photoshoot! Mackenzie and Nate were so much fun to play around with. We definitely shot some goofy photos, that totally encompass their personalities. They met at a local bar called Cowboys, which includes a lot of line dancing. They are both incredible dancers and had a natural grace and ease when posing for pictures. You can also see how in love they are with each other and this baby!

There were some large fires happening all over Colorado on this day, so the sky was kind of hazy. It ended up working perfectly with the boho vibe we had going on. We did a few locations around Garden of the Gods and the results speak for themselves! Nate and Mackenzie were total troopers, and even stayed out late enough so we could try some night photography. I am beyond thrilled with the results!

Mackenzie told me that one of her friends saw the photoshoot on Facebook and messaged Mackenzie to make sure it was okay that she copied this shoot, all the way down to the dress! There is no greater form of flattery! I am glad this shoot was able to inspire someone else’s dream maternity shoot.

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