Honeymoon Day 4: Part 1 – The Magic Kingdom

I sang “Be Our Guest” with one of my best friends at our wedding reception. She sang Mrs. Potts and I did my darnedest as Lumiere. It was only fitting that Adam and I try out Be Our Guest restaurant in Fantasyland. Be Our Guest is infamous for selling out almost as soon as the reservations become available, and we barely managed to scrape a breakfast reservation during our trip. Be Our Guest is better known for its dinner, and we do look forward to trying that out on our next trip, but we decided to pay the kinda crazy high price ($28/plate) to enjoy the atmosphere.

We got the Feast a la Gaston (eggs, sausage, bacon, roasted potatoes, and a fruit cup) and the Croque Madame (a ham sandwich topped with an egg and a fruit cup)… I am typing this and still a little shocked we paid almost $60 for that meal. Here’s the really crazy thing… this restaurant is not considered a sit-down restaurant, it is a really fancy quick-service location. They have “servers” walking around, helping out all the tables and delivering food by table number (like a Chick-fil-A). But other than that, you serve yourself drinks and anything else. I find myself sighing a lot as I type this. I am sure it keeps things moving with a constant flow of people, but it is a large price tag for what is basically fancy fast food.

So why bother going? The atmosphere, of course! It is absolutely gorgeous in Belle’s castle. It is huge and there are so many special nooks and crannies to explore. There are a few options when choosing your seating – the West Wing, the Ballroom, and the room where we were sitting which had a really beautiful life-sized dancing figurine of Belle and Beast dancing. The food is pretty meh, but the experience is a lot of fun. You can’t get into see this particular castle without paying the price, which comes off as a little price gaugey, but there are plenty of folks like us for Disney to exploit who are willing to pay up. (And there goes another deep sigh.) This is one of those things we wouldn’t do every trip, but would be fun every few trips. And like I mentioned earlier, we would love to try their dinner which is said to be much better (and, of course, is more expensive).

One more note on Be Our Guest… We tried the Grey Stuff. Was it delicious? It was… only okay. We were glad they put it on a cupcake, because it needed that chocolate to balance out the taste. The Grey Stuff was more of a frosting and was honestly not as good as we were hoping.

*Side Note* The Grey Stuff in Disneyland is much better and totally worth the try!

After breakfast we did something that was super fun – Story Time with Belle! This attraction was doubly fun because Adam got picked to be part of the interactive story! He was Belle’s head guard. I know this kind of thing isn’t for everyone, but we enjoyed all the little surprises it entailed. It would be great to do with our nieces and nephews one day!

We couldn’t spend the whole day at Magic Kingdom, because we wanted to ride the Monorail at least once. We planned to head over to Epcot in early afternoon, so we rounded out the morning with a few rides and a Dole Whip to top it all off! We were starting to feel tired after a few days of theme parks, so we did our best to take it easy and just enjoy the experience of being inside the park.

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