Tiffany Goes On a Picnic

I have created a whole story for this photoshoot where beautiful Tiffany goes on a solo date and just enjoys the crap out of life. In reality, it was two best girlfriends going out in the Summer of 2020 and enjoying what we could of the year. Tiffany, for the first time in her adult life, had gotten some beautiful, new, long braids and I couldn’t wait to photograph them! I was a few weeks out from having surgery and had been feeling really exhausted leading into it (the surgery fixed everything – it was wonderful).

Tiffany had a super cute dress and we decided to just go for it! We ended up with an absolutely gorgeous summer night for this shoot. We went to Cottonwood Creek trail and just walked around until we found the spots we wanted to shoot.

I never want to forget Tiffany trying to climb up the tree so we could get those shots of her sitting on the branch. I have an outtake picture where a guy on a bike passed by and it certainly looks like he got an eyeful, lol. It was hilarious! Climbing trees is a lot easier when you are young! This was definitely one of my favorite days in 2020. It was always nice to get out of the house and go enjoy some life, especially when so many of our other favorite things were out of reach.

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