An Evening in Disney Springs

After a morning of travel and an early afternoon of unpacking our hotel room at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort, Adam and I were eager to set out and see some of what Disney World had to offer. We knew there wasn’t going to be another opportunity to visit Disney Springs during our trip and we had especially wanted to try out the Star Wars experience at The Void.

We took a quick shower and changed, and then hopped a shuttle over to Disney Springs. This was our first experience with the internal Disney World shuttle system, and for a free option, we were overall pleased with that form of transportation through out our trip. It does take a little bit of patience, but we would rather spend our budget on other things during our vacation.

Disney Springs was not what we were expecting. It’s like an outdoor mall with everything you could want or imagine in a space like that. They have a movie theater, plenty of restaurants, lots of shopping, and even some entertainment. They have bands that play outdoors to keep spirits high. I imagine that residents could enjoy an evening out just taking in the fun atmosphere of Disney Springs. As far as I know, it doesn’t cost anything aside from parking to come enjoy what it has to offer.

The Void was an incredible Virtual Reality experience. It blew our minds. It felt like we were in the Star Wars movies. It was the best possible way to start our vacation and we would recommend it highly to any of our friends who visit. The Void is not just located in Florida. We have seen them in Las Vegas and California, as well. If you ever get the opportunity, definitely check out their amazing VR worlds. We will absolutely be going again. It is worth the money.

The rest of our evening was spent shopping, eating, and just meandering around, taking it all in. Our favorite snack was the Poutine from The Daily Poutine, which consists of french fries with gravy and cheddar curds. It was delicious and definitely something we would get again! I also grabbed a sushi roll from Morimoto Asia’s quick service window. The roll was okay. It came packaged so wasn’t fresh. Morimoto’s is known as more of a sit-down experience, and I would love to give the sit-down restaurant a shot down the road.

The shopping was excellent! I picked up the adorable “Up” shirt I wore to Magic Kingdom the next day, which made my outfit even more special. I also got a Disney World sweatshirt that I wore almost every night of our trip, along with some souvenir gifts.

Overall, we were really glad we took the time to visit Disney Springs instead of spending the evening in our hotel room. Outside of the parks, there is still so much to see throughout all of Disney World. We didn’t get a chance to visit any other hotels, aside from the one we stayed in. At the very least, we got to enjoy some of what Disney Springs has to offer and we look forward to visiting again!

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