Date Archives May 2020

There’s Something About Disney

There are people who hate Disney, people who are neutral toward Disney, people who like Disney, people who love Disney, people who REALLY love Disney, and I’m sure there are a thousand more shades in between those. We would fall firmly into the category of LOVE. We don’t eat, breath, and drink Disney, but it is definitely something that has captured our imaginations and taken us on some incredible adventures.

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An Evening in Disney Springs

The Void was an incredible Virtual Reality experience. It blew our minds. It felt like we were in the Star Wars movies. It was the best possible way to start our vacation and we would recommend it highly to any of our friends who visit. The Void is not just located in Florida. We have seen them in Las Vegas and California, as well. If you ever get the opportunity, definitely check out their amazing VR worlds. We will absolutely be going again. It is worth the money.

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