From Colorado to Orlando: Finding Disney World

It’s 5 AM and we’re at Denver International Airport – these are Disney smiles!

A good part of our early relationship was spent bonding over a mutual love for Disney. We both had other separate interests, but Disney seemed to be the topic we could like together. We were both more casual Disney fans when we met, but with us feeding off of each other, it quickly grew into more than that. We had decided on Disney World as our primary honeymoon location way before we ever got engaged.

I (as in Mandi) had never been to Disney World before. My uncle lives in Irvine, California – a mere 20 minute drive from Disneyland – and I have had the fortune of being able to take cheap vacations there my entire life. It never made sense for me to drop the kind of cash it takes to go to Disney World. Plus, with student loans, I never had the money anyway. Adam hadn’t gone since somewhere in the late-nineties or early two-thousands. It had been a while.

So, to say we were excited would be a HUGE understatement. I had been watching Disney-related Vlogs endlessly for months to figure out the ins and outs of Disney World. I had booked our trip as soon as the dates became available. I had made extensive lists of the fast-passes we wanted to book and then woken up 5 AM exactly 60 says before to make sure we got them.

I loved everything about planning our honeymoon, except for the fact that we weren’t actually on our honeymoon yet. The day we got our MagicBands in the mail was pure joy! Adam started taking a video right after I had figured out what was in the box and let out an excited scream (ignore the mess – I was in DIY-mode for our rapidly approaching nuptials).

Our wedding took place on Saturday, January 19th. We spent two wonderful, relaxing nights at The Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs. Then in the span of twelve hours, we packed our bags, I (Mandi) got a haircut, and we headed up to Denver in a snow-storm. Our flight was scheduled to leave at 7:50 AM on Tuesday morning, so we opted to spend the night in a hotel near the airport.

The entire time leading up to our flight, we were buzzing. To make our trip even sweeter, a dear friend of mine had booked us FIRST CLASS tickets to and from Orlando as a wedding gift – so we were flying in style. Normally I have a tendency to obsessively worry about tragic things happening, but once we were boarded, I wasn’t afraid the plane was going to crash – I knew I was getting to Disney World. And if the plane did crash, well, we would still figure out a way to get to Disney World. Nothing was going to stop me.

Spoiler alert: We did get to Disney World. But that is a story for a different post.

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