How to Make Peek-A-Boo Fairy Mason Jars

By pure chance, I found a bunch of these adorable keyholes on clearance at Michaels. They were less than a dollar a piece, so I naturally picked up all of them even without a clue of what I was going to make. It took several months of staring at the adorable, colorful, large keyholes to come up with the idea. I would make picture frames! Well, kind of.

For this project, you will need:

Some type of keyhole, a mason jar, e6000 glue, spray paint and clear coat of your choice, electronic tea candle, a yard of tulle or fabric, a rubber band or hair tie, a 4×6 picture, and decorations of your choice to put on top.

Mason jars can be found very cheap at most thrift stores. I highly recommend shopping second hand, so they can be upcycled.

  1. Create the window for the keyhole. We will be spray painting the mason jar, so you can create the window by placing a piece of painter’s tape over a small section of the jar where the keyhole is going to cover. Test to make sure it is large enough by placing the keyhole over it – all you should see is blue (or the color of your tape) if you have done it right. You will also place a similarly sized piece of tape inside the jar using tweezers. It should be placed exactly on the back-side of the front painter’s tape.
  2. Spray paint the outside and inside of the mason jar. I used metallic silver spray paint, but any paint would look great. Chalk paint might even be more resistant to scratching. You will want to do at least 2 layers of spray paint and 2 layers of clear coat to protect the paint.
  3. Carefully remove the tape. You should have a see-through rectangle.
  4. Use the e6000 glue to attach the keyhole to the jar, making sure the hole is placed over the clear patch on the jar. I also made my mason jars so that the top of the keyhole was toward the bottom of the mason jars – essentially flipping the mason jars upside down so the bottom was the top and the top was the bottom.
  5. Let keyholes dry for at least 4 hours.
  6. You are almost there! Decorate the top of your mason jar. I used fake moss and some other items I had found on clearance to make mine. I had a business called Obnoxious Hats by Lady Woolthief at the time, so I wanted little top hats represented. I attached everything using hot glue.
  7. Cut out 5-inch squares of tulle. I personally used glittery tulle that can be found at all fabric stores and even Walmart. The squares don’t have to be perfect. We are basically making a base for the tea candle to sit on. I used 3 pieces of tulle and a skinny hair tie to hold it in place.
  8. Put the picture inside the mason jar so that you can see it when you look inside the keyhole. Try to find pictures where the subjects are close together in the center of the frame.
  9. Turn on the tea candle and place it in the middle of the tulle. (Optional: I hot glued a little Velcro on the bottom of the candle and onto the tulle so that the candle would stick in place. You don’t have to, but it did make transporting these a little easier.)
  10. Use a hair tie or rubber band to secure the tulle to the bottom of the mason jar.

And BAM! There you have it! An adorable peek-a-boo mason jar. With the light on, you should be able to look inside and see the hidden picture!

We placed these all around our wedding venue with various pictures of us inside. Now, we have them peppered around our house as decorations. They are super adorable, colorful, and whimsical. They make us smile.

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