The Titanic Slot Machine

The only slot machine that makes losing money a winning experience.

Please note: This article was originally written and posted on October 16, 2016 at and references an older version of the Titanic slot machine. The last time we were in Vegas, we could not find this version of the machine. It seems to have been replaced by an updated Titanic machine that is not nearly as good. I am leaving this article up because I love the older version so very much and want this article to remember it by.

Can’t afford Celine Dion tickets in Vegas? The gambling industry has you covered. Play $20 on the Titanic slot machine and you’ll likely have Celine Dion, belting “My Heart Will Go On” directly to you. The chair beneath you vibrates, the screen flashes as it counts out your bonus, and you are overtaken by the full sensory vividness of the moment. I (Mandi) was once so overcome by the power of Celine, the people around me thought I had won a jackpot.

I hadn’t. I’d won $4, but it felt like I’d won a jackpot.

The Titanic slot machine moves around from place to place every so often, so you’ll likely need to search it out. It is well worth your time. I rarely gamble, and when I do, I stick to a $20 limit. Hours of endless wonder and joy have come from sitting at the Titanic slot machine. Generally, I play with the minimum bet of 45 cents – a third class ticket, if you will. Catch the machine at the right moment, and it will give bonus after bonus: find the Heart of the Ocean with bonus spins, unlock The Safe with multipliers, Make It Count with bonus reels, and so much more! On an “off” hour, the machine keeps you engaged with “Mystery Features” that pop up even if you haven’t spun a winning combo.

Perhaps it’s naïve to think the creators of this machine want you to win so you can experience their bonus features, but I believe it anyway. More than any other machine, the Titanic slot machine feels like it has soul.

With all that said, the machine giveth and the machine taketh away. About half the time, I walk away having tripled my money. The other half, I walk away having lost it all. Always, I walk away merrily singing, “My heart will go on and on…”

*Video and pictures taken during a recent trip to Cripple Creek, Colorado with Dori, a close friend of mine, who insists playing the Titanic slot machine was the highlight of their trip despite losing $40 on it. Another newcomer turned.

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