Ella & Violet’s Fairy Wonderland

I was so proud of this set for Ella & Violet’s two-year-old photoshoot! This was in my living room and was made up entirely of things I had around the house.

The actual photos could not have turned out better! Well, except if Ella had actually been in a better mood. She did not like how the leaf rug felt on her legs and spent plenty of time expressing her displeasure. It was actually a miracle we got as many goo pictures of her as we did! With that said, this is still my absolute favorite. I think it says it all.

And here is a picture of me holding her and trying to calm her down as we took pictures of Violet, who was absolutely perfect through this whole shoot. Give her some props – literally props – and she will just sit there and play and smile the whole time.

The girls were wearing the adorable dresses they wore in my wedding 7 months prior and I was so grateful to get another use out of them. I absolutely LOVE how this photoshoot turned out. It is just enchanting!

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