Gen Con 2019

This weekend is such a blur! About 12 of us from the office drove out to Indianapolis in a large rented van to officially launch Gooey Cube to the world. On an impulse, I grabbed my camera and some extra gear. We only had a 10×10 booth and it seemed like it might get a little crowded. Turns out, I was right! My Aunt Diane and I started wondering around the convention, finding cosplayers to take pictures of and spreading the Good Gooey Word!

I had loads of fun photographing everyone in their costumes. The cosplayers were totally game for posing and getting the best possible pictures. There was a beautiful bridge with lots of windows that I took most of the pictures at. The lighting was spectacular there. This was definitely the best way to spend the weekend, and I got to meet so many wonderful, amazing people! I can’t wait to go back again – hopefully this year!

This is also the time when I got really attached to my 70-200mm lens. We had purchased that sucker like 7 years ago to shoot a video long-distance and I am sad to say I didn’t touch it again for another 4-5 years. I didn’t realize what I had! Once I started digging into photography more and more, I kept seeing this lens recommended. I had almost forgotten that we owned one! I dug it out and it’s been a love story ever since!

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