A Take on Snow White

As was very well noted in A Take on The Queen of Hearts blog post, it was very cold the day we took these photos. We’re talking 8 degree weather. HOWEVER, by the time we got to the Snow White portion of the shoot, we were so numb, that it almost didn’t matter anymore! Which is such a sad thing to say, lol.

Anyway, Dori totally rocked this shoot. Sure, the tears you see rolling down her face were tears of freezing cold temperatures, but she acted the hell out of it and made them into tears of sadness. Brilliant!

I just love the emotion and power in some of these photos and I LOVE that we have a plus-size Snow White. She is the fairest of them all.

A Take on Snow White

Check out some behind the scenes photos below! Can you believe Dori got down in the snow only wearing a cape for that last shot?! It was the very last thing we did, so it was go big or go home at that point! I absolutely adore the perspective on that shot with the bouquet in the foreground. You can also see how we created the picture of Dori in the mirror. It was all about playing with angles!

A couple weeks after we finished this shoot, Dori and I wen on Facebook live to do a video tutorial of how to create the berry crown from the shoot. All the props we used from the Queen of Hearts and Snow White shoots were crafted from things just hanging around the house. Given that we had almost no planning, I couldn’t be more happy with how these two shoots turned out. They were quite an adventure and something special we can keep for the rest of our lives.

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