A Take on the Queen of Hearts

I had been wanting to do a winter photoshoot for quite some time, but the right opportunity hadn’t presented itself yet. I think it was a Friday or Saturday night when I looked outside and saw the snow falling pretty hard. As it was a weekend night, and Adam and I didn’t have anything planned the next day, I seized the opportunity. I immediately called Dori and asked if she would be up for it. Dori had just worn this gorgeous dress to officiate our wedding and we knew it would be perfect for the two photoshoots we were going to attempt: The Queen of Hearts and Snow White.

Literally every prop in this picture is something that I had around the house. I spent that evening crafting the Queen of Hearts hat and preparing for the shoot. We knew we would have to be up early the next morning. Colorado Springs gets loads of sunshine and often the snow melts before you get the chance to do anything really cool with it. Plus, Dori had to go to work by 10 AM.

We woke up bright and early and went to the location – a foresty spot near my office. Holy crap. It was so cold. Honestly, this shoot was worse than the Snow White one that immediately followed because we weren’t numb yet and we were feeling every degree of cold. At least Adam and I had decent clothes on – poor Dori was out there in this sheer dress! She totally toughed it out and the shoot was worth it!

This was toward the beginning of my attempts to really understand photography. I would shoot it much differently now than I did back then. I am still so proud of this shoot because it was a huge advancement from where I was.

Dori and I had a lot of fun writing little captions to go with the photoshoots. We called this one: A Take on The Queen of Hearts.

It wasn’t until looking at these behind the scenes photos that I remembered how red Dori’s face was during this shoot – it was just that cold. I did a lot of color editing to get her skin more peachy. Also, I am looking at these pictures and wondering why I used that lens! It’s decent, but I have much better lenses in my arsenal. It’s all a learning curve!

We were absolutely thrilled with the result of this shoot and ended up giving the hat away on my Lady Woolthief Facebook page. Overall, this was an awesome adventure and I hope we get to do something similar again in the future, with all my upgraded tips and tricks.

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