Ella & Violet Turn 1

Back in 2018, I am starting to get better at this photography thing. I am trying out new techniques and editing styles. For this photoshoot with the twins, we set up a few different themes – Disney, Fairies, Wonder Women, and Harry Potter. I look at these and, first, see my adorable nieces having so much fun destroying my sets (Violet broke more than 1 tea cup on this shoot), but I also think about how much I have grown and the things I would have done differently. Mainly, I would have shot at a lower aperture – that is what gives you the depth of field that cellphone cameras try to emulate with the “blur background” or “portrait mode” function. With that said, I think I still managed to get some super adorable shots and this was another pit stop on my learning journey. One day, I am sure I will look at the photos I am currently taking and think about the things I would do differently.

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