The Mad Hatter Takes a Stroll

This was my very first outing with my brand new Canon 5d Mark IV back in March 2018. Adam and I had been biking past this location for a couple weeks and as we were coming up on Spring, I knew it was only a matter of time before it turned into a lush green. I thought it was beautiful in its monochromatic state and saw an opportunity for an epic test shoot.

I whipped up this awesome hat for Adam. (Side Note: Adam wore it to several conventions after this and was asked if he would sell it on on more than one occasion.) We grabbed the rest of the ensemble from things we had around the house. Adam is wearing a woman’s blazer, but it looks so perfect for the Mad Hatter! And we set out on this shoot!

Immediately, I noticed a marked improvement between my photos on the Canon 5D Mark IV, versus the Canon 7D I had been using the last few years. Back in 2018, I would have said that the camera makes a huge difference in quality of imaged. There is no doubt that the Canon 5D helped me raise my game significantly.

HOWEVER, now that I understand the mechanics of cameras and lighting so much more, I can take amazing pictures on my little Canon Rebel T6, which has no where near the amount of functionality as the Canon 5D Mark IV. The photographer should make the picture, not the camera.

That’s not to say gear isn’t important. I still grab my Canon 5D Mark IV if I’m going on an important shoot. It handles low light much more easily than the Canon Rebel or 7D, and the ease of the work flow is handy in stressful situations (it has a touch screen panel on the back which is so useful). But if I want a nice lightweight body and lens for casual family pictures, for instance, I can grab my Rebel and feel confident I am still going to get great photos.

With all that said… back to Adam! Isn’t he so cute in these photos?! We were engaged to be married at this point and I remember just looking at these and thinking how lucky I was that he was my fiance!

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